Wellness Fair Panel with Health Minister & others

💛 What a special day to be part of the Health & Wellness Coach vision alongside Curaçao’s Health Minister Suzy Camelia Römer, concluding Curacao Wellness Fair with a panel discussion along with various professionals from the Health and Wellness Coach practice, M.D. Drs., GMN who were invited to exchange ideas about the vision and experiences to promote the addition of Health and Wellness Coaches as a profession to work with both the traditional and integrative medicine Drs. in Curaçao for the benefit of all citizens. Panelist:
1. Rudolf de Wit, Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Practitioner (TCIG) and Coach.
2. Olga Job, Health & Lifestyle, MBA, CHWC, INHC, certified Curaçao Health Wellness Coach & Integrative Nutrition coach who is active internationally.
3. Shastri Moesker, naturopath in Ayurveda and recently certified as a Health and Wellness Coach.
4. Dr. Gersham Henriquez, M.D. doctor with an interest in Wellness Coaching.
5. Prof. Dr. Sirving Keli Ph.D, Inspector General Public Health GMN of Curaçao.
6. Dr. Gerrit Jan Gerritsma, both integral and complementary doctor. 🎥 If you missed it, hop on my YouTube channel for coverage of this amazing discussion.

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