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Lifestyle Awakening Testimonials

“Olga’s Lifestyle Awakening Program gave me many tools to get my life back on track. More than that, it brought so many improvements in my mind, body, career, and brought more structure in my life. It helped me built a much healthier and better lifestyle.”
“I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for those missing tools. I loved the freedom of following this course at your own pace, but always under the wise kind supervision and guidance of Olga. I recommend this course to anyone!” 

- Remco Ernandes, January 13th, 2020

Tourism Development Manager at Curaçao Airport Partners N.V

“Signing up for the Lifestyle Awakening Program has really been eye-opening for me. I was at a time in my life where I was out of touch with myself and had no guideline to improve my way of living.  I was just living day by day not really motivated by any goals or purpose. One day I believe I was at a wellness event a few years ago where I heard Ms. Olga Job speak and it was in the way she spoke with ease about her story and how she overcame her struggles that just resonated with me and I took the leap of faith and contacted her.
The call was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and the program honestly has impacted my life. It made me more aware of how I am feeling at any moment, what areas I could improve be it financially, spiritually and how I could be more in tune with my higher life. Going through the program I learned some hard truths about myself and was able to confront all aspects with my life and how to feel better about myself and find peace from within and attract all that is positive despite going through some hard times.
You will not regret looking to Ms. Olga as your lifestyle health coach- she’s interactive with her clients, her material is easy to digest, and the guidelines provided are comprehensible to follow through. The one thing I’ve learned is that any effort to see change must come from you. Once you follow through the program with earnestly, you’ll get the most of it in the long run. Better yet, you can always go back to your material and study it again”.  

- Adriana Villanueva, October 19th, 2019 - IT Manager at Dreams Curaçao

Motivational Detox Testimonials

I was at a low point where I’d indulge in an unhealthy habit of turning to processed food whenever I felt stressed or wanting to curb those afternoon cravings. As a result, I felt moody unmotivated and lacked discipline and low energy. It was after Olga had shared her own transformation that I made the conscious decision to take care of my body to get the much needed break to heal and regain mental clarity. 

Besides losing the much needed weight, my face looks healthier, I feel less bloated, more energized, focused, and my digestive system is functioning better than it has before. 

I am a returning customer that successfully completed the Lifestyle Awakening Program in 2017 with great results. Olga’s support has definitely helped me throughout the program and she is once again setting the example as a splendid health coach who is always one listening ear away.”

Adriana Villanueva, November 30th, 2020 - IT Manager at Dreams Curaçao

“As a Raw Food Chef, I am familiar how food can affect one’s health and wellbeing. I have experienced many times the power of detoxing and/or fasting. It is usually easier to do when you have someone that holds you accountable towards your goals. That person is Olga Job. She keeps you on track and encourages you along the way. I highly recommend her detox coaching program. It has helped me to restart my commitment towards a healthier lifestyle.  

Marcia Cooper, January 12th, 2021 - Raw Food Chef, New York, NY

“Before the detox program, I was feeling unhealthy and overweight, especially after the holidays of December! I now feel lighter and cleaner. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction and pride as I took real care of my body. My skin is more clear now around this time of my period, where I should have at least had one pimple but I have zero! I also lost 5 kilos (11 lbs) in 2 weeks and I am no longer bloated or with fluid retention. I liked the fact that we were in a group, sharing ideas, experiences and motivating others. Also the fact that the videos could be watched in my own time. Also the recipes…without them I had no idea what to make! It’s affordable and has results! Olga is very but very knowledgeable in this area. For every question she has an answer. She is like a walking library.”  

Narayana Camelia, January 26th, 2021 - Business Professional, Curaçao

“Before the motivational detox program, I was completely off balance. I was in a downward spiral of negativity likely caused by poor food intake. I had also gained some weight from overeating during the holidays. After the detox program, I had an improved mood and felt more aligned with myself. It was a painful cure, but a cure nonetheless. I like that we were able to choose our own meal plans with the guidance necessary to having the right kind of fruits and vegetables. We had good online guidance 24/7. Doing it in a group made it a little easier knowing you were not the only one going through it. 

I recommend this Motivational Detox program to others because it helps you do a cleanse of your body as well as your intestines. Cleaning out the pesticides and helping you feel better. Olga explains it all in detail and makes sure you are well prepared and informed.”

Fiona Job, January 25th, 2021 - Crystal Healing Practitioner, Netherlands

“I am a regular returning client. After the holidays, I was feeling sluggish again (especially in the afternoon), low on energy and body just felt out of balance. My goal was to regain energy to be more productive with my choirs and maintain the weight (loss) that I’ve worked for in my previous detox. After the January Motivational Detox Program, I felt cleansed both physically and mentally, I gained so much clarity and felt less stressed in otherwise stressful situations. My skin has cleared up nicely. I no longer have any symptoms of bloating or discomfort in my stomach and I’ve lost some inches off my waist and hip area.

I liked the interaction of the chats where the participants shared their meals and their journey and Olga being very responsive to each inquiry and shares her journey as well. It’s just a great to see that we are all human and can make mistakes, but also learn from them and start again. If you feel you need a pep me up, this program is definitely for you. It’s a gradual journey that asks of your patience and really learn to appreciate food and how it can positively affect you, in both body and mind. You will reap the benefits in the sense that whatever symptom you may have had (bloating, gasses, stress, overeating, etc.) All these will come to dissolve of the body and you will feel anew again.

Olga is a great and honest coach, she’s just relatable in a sense that she allows herself to be vulnerable like everyone else which is why it’s easy to trust her and the program she has crafted beautifully for her clients. If you’re new to seeking a health coach, I would suggest a consultation with Olga prior to really get to your personal needs and what she can recommend you. For me, I started with the Lifestyle Awakening Program which was an eye opener for me and the reason I wanted to try my first detox with Olga.”

Adriana Villanueva - January 25th, 2021 - IT Manager at Dreams Curaçao

“I did the motivational detox of Olga Job in January 2021. The first 3 days were horrible. I was frustrated and felt depressed. I went looking for things I love to eat and made the organic/vegan version of them. So I did with lasagna. I ate two pieces on two different days and the rest I shared with my parents. I made soups like zucchini, pumpkin, rootbeet, broccoli. It was very fun making all these new meals. 

After 5 days, I started to feel 100% energized. I had so much energy, I felt boosted. I remember telling Olga that I felt like the junk food I ate back then drained all of my energy. The second week was hard, even though I saw the weight loss on the scale from 67 to 63 kg (148 – 139 lbs), honestly I wanted for it to be over. Once in my second week I had a chuwable organic meal to seize my cravings. This was my first time doing detox and I am very proud how I did it. In the last days, I bought myself a juicer and drank one glass of freshed pressed juice each day. This is what I am still doing. 

After 10 days I still feel great and eat balanced. I had sushi after my detox but I now balance my diet. When I had cheesballs, I felt so bad, my stomach could not get used to it. And so my body rejected the junk a couple of times. I recommend this detox. Do not punish yourself during the detox, tomorrow is another day, ‘kai lanta’. One day we will be able to do the water detox with no problem at all. Keep detoxing and incorporate healthy in your diet. Eventually your body will refuse that junk.”

Mirogelle Martha, LL.M. - February 3rd, 2021 - Curaçao

Before the detox, I was eating I think reasonably well. Although I was eating healthy my biggest problem was I could not say no to sweets. I was always feeling tired and sluggish. I also had a lot of pain in my neck and back. So I decided to go for it. I wanted to try it out to see if by detoxing I could feel better, more active, feel less pain, and lose some weight. I was a little bit anxious, because I did not know if I could keep it up. But it was not hard to do at all. With all the good coaching from Olga it was so easy to do. She really explains step by step and guides you along the way. The supplements she advised to use really helped with the cravings. After the third day, I felt lighter and a lot more active. I also felt my mind clearer, and I was not so heavy anymore. I lost 3 kilo/6 pounds by the way.
I would like to recommend Olga’s Motivational Detox Program to anyone that would like to participate in a detox program. I am waiting for Olga’s next program and I will participate again for sure! I would like to thank Olga for bringing this program to my attention and keep up the good work.”

Marijke Ayubi - February 4th, 2021 - Curaçao

“I started with the intention to keep the program going for 2 weeks and maybe lose some weight. I also succeeded. After the first 3 days, I felt more energetic every day and as a result also 4 kilos (9 lbs) lighter. I found the meetings very positive and encouraging. The recipes are fantastic and easy to make. I will certainly recommend the program to others. In groups you support each other more. You exchange experiences with each other. I advise Olga because she speaks from experience, knows a lot and is very enthusiastic, explains and speaks clearly.” 

Josseline Flameling, January 31st, 2021 - Business Professional, Netherlands

“This is more than just a detox. It was just what I needed to reset my eating habits. It helped me get me back on track and to try new foods and recipes. It reminded me what it feels like to feel good all the time.”

Anonymous, January 7th, 2021 - Curaçao

“I was already ok with my weight but wanted to detox before my coming knee surgery. I feel great, my goal was detoxing and not to lose weight. The coaching was excellent and all the recipes were inspiring. This program is an easy way to detox and lose weight. Olga’s enthusiasm is very inspiring. I lost 3 kilos. To be honest, I feared to look too skinny in my face as I am 71 years old but this is not the case at all.”  

Anonymous, January 31st, 2021 - Curaçao

“Before the DETOX, I was feeling very tired all the time. I also wasn’t conscious of the way/amount I was eating, at the moment I was consuming. Because of this DETOX, I would make my plate everyday after school, and really focus on what I am putting on there, and controlling the fact that I won’t grab more. This wasn’t hard at all, because the meals from the detox, filled me up. The meals gave me energy to conquer the day, inluding the supplements. The supplements helped control my appetite, and I actually still use them in most of my meals. My results after this DETOX, we’re amazing! I noticed the fact that, I now eat a lot less, not because I’m controlling it, but because I am just so full. I also noticed an increase in my energy. I love to go on a walk, and I don’t even feel that it’s an excercise. I also saw an immense change in my skin, my skin wasn’t bad, but it was very dry. Now, I love it. I loved the program, it was an amazing experience. The program is very clear, and I actually had fun making my meals everyday, because of the fact that you only get to eat 1 meal, you really appreciate every bite of it. I liked the fact that all the detoxers, were in one group online, to chat. Everone sharing their journey along the way, this was very motivating. I also loved how Olga, incorporates the zoom meetings, where she answered all of the questions/concers. 

I would recommend really Olga’s Detox to anyone, whether you want to lose weight, or because you want to have a fresh start, and cleanse your body. She’s and amazing guider through this program, and really meet your expectations, or make the outcome even better than you had imagined.”


Anonymous Student/Teenager, February 10th, 2021, Curaçao

“I highly recommend Olga’s Detox program! I am amazed by the results. After eating a lot of carbs and processed foods my body needed a break to detox and heal. After the two weeks detox I lost 6,5kg (15 lbs) and I felt energized and great! I did not walk for 30 minutes everyday but if I did that as well during the detox I am sure that I would have lost 10+kg (22 lbs). I had exams and I even pulled an all-nighter without feeling tired! I am very satisfied with the results! The motivational videos and the online support really helped me pull through. By doing this two week detox I have realized how strong I am, and that I can do anything if I have the right mindset. Thanks to the entire detox package that helped me by me motivated to reach my goal. I am grateful for the experience and I feel more aligned. “


Giomy Rosario, Student, February 22nd, 2021, Netherlands

Olga with Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer Google X and Author of Solve for Happy.

"For more than 14 months, I was stagnant with regards to my fitness goals.  I had been eating cautiously and working out regularly but not making progress and it was getting frustrating.  Then I met Olga and she agreed to be my coach.  She taught me about her approach to a healthier lifestyle, her Diet of Abundance and explained to me why my progress had plateaued. Olga’s contribution has been invaluable for my busy lifestyle."

“For me it has been a blessing to have gotten to know Olga Job. Her dedication and devotion to make a serious impact in all her clients is evident from day one. I feel so comfortable in knowing that Olga will guide me to be the best that I can be and is always concern about my well-being. She has guided me through the biggest transformation of my life I have learned so much from Olga that I use her coaching and mentoring in so many ways and I have seen so many benefits both mentally and physically in my life. I feel more healthy and full of life than I have ever felt before. My motivation and self-confidence grows each and every day through her guidance and support. I have learned how nutrition is so important and that following her exercise regimen will transform you. The connection between mind and body is an eye opener for me. I feel so blessed to workout side by side with Olga learning the right way to exercise to maximize my results. She simply is always so positive and full of life every time we workout together. Thank you for all you have done for me and will continue to do in the future. Your passion for what you do is so evident when I am around you”. Sureilis F.

“Since I met Olga jobs I have learned that she is dedicated to her job and to her clients. She is prepared and knows everything she needs to know in order to help her clients to achieve the level of health they want and need. Olga has helped me by teaching me many techniques to start a healthy life. She has had a very positive impact in my life, she’s the best!” Kaylene C.

Sureilis F. & Kaylene C. - Miami, FL

“About 3 years ago, I hit a hard time in life where I would look to food for comfort. I gained more weight than I ever thought I would in my lifetime. However, since Olga Job has been in my life she little by little would transform my life; at first she started to guide me on meditation and how to look at the world and myself through positive vibrations.

Through these positive vibrations I would slowly heal myself to the point where I was ready to get back on my feet and change myself. She not only stopped there, but she would teach me the ways to eat right, organically and what foods help implement the right nourishments for my body in all aspects. Little by little I started to see my transformation. Olga has changed my aspects of thinking and eating.

Yet she did not stop there, after going to the gym for sometime I started to lose more weight, and at times Olga would take me to the gym with her where she would push me hard. It is great to have someone like Olga Job there by my side to help me achieve my goal, she is definitely ambitious and loves to see one change their life for the better. I have lost a lot of weight; however, I still have more to go. But without a doubt, I would have never gotten to this point without Olga.”

Ashley Strand - Miami, FL

“As a young professional that supplies service in different communities, I have learned how my eating patterns makes me feel energized and how having a mind/body connection is important to stay in balance in my business as well as in my personal life. I am more thankful to life, and my patients always wonder why I am always smiling.”

Jevinne Noordhof, Podiatrist, Comfy Feet, Curaçao

“We hired Olga Job as a Corporate Wellness Consultant for One America in 2016. Since implementing her corporate wellness approach, we have seen a significant improvement in employee engagement by 37%, improved productivity and motivation by 27% and reduced absenteeism in our staff.”

OneAmerica Natural Gas, Los Angeles California

“Olga has a heartwarming presence about herself and truly cares about your goals and the journey she will help you on to get there. Your health and well-being are a top priority and she finds ways to make this very educational and fun!”

Kimberly Lester – Cooper City, FL

“When James and I first met with Olga, we were completely ignorant about nutrition and eating healthy. We were concerned that Olga would tell us that we would have to stop eating everything we loved. Instead, she showed us healthy alternatives that taste just as good. Her objective for us was to focus on adding not taking away. Olga gave us each specific goals that were attainable and fun to achieve. She coached us with great ideas for exercise, communication, recipe ideas and ways to feel positive about the process. She asked us what we accomplished, not where did we fail. We are looking forward to our supermarket meeting where we will learn specific foods to add to add to our diet.

Olga is an inspiration to us to get healthy, to live a happier, more fulfilled life.”

Brenda & James B. – Miami, FL

Products Testimonials

Olga Job is an incredible student of health and that’s why she’s an exceptional teacher of health. She not only listens but she immediately applies what she has learned to her life. And with impressive results! I have seen her transform her life and body right before my eyes. Olga is The Best Ever.

-David Wolfe
Public Figure, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Activist, Organic Farmer