Signature Noni Smoothie

A Noni Journey!

I have been hearing about Noni for a while, but never really tried the actual real raw fruit. I discovered a Noni tree in Curaçao by my grandmother’s house.
When I first grabbed it and tried it raw, I was shocked on how bad it smelled and tasted. I never knew a fruit could have this smell and weird taste but I was so amazed by the health benefits all the health, scientist and wellness experts have been saying about this Superfruit for a long time.
I told myself, what could I do to make this raw juice from this that actually tastes good? How can I use it? What can I mix it with? I made myself go to the kitchen and started experimenting with this fruit.
So what makes Noni juice so great?
Based on Dr. Axe study, Noni is known to help with joint pain and skin conditions, and researchers are investigating a possible healing tonic for cancer and chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It is packed with Anti-oxidants and helps boots the immune system and also fights inflammation in the body. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reports that Noni may be cancer-fighting foods. It reduces Cholesterol and even repairs our cells! Isn’t that amazing?
It was hard to find ways to neutralize the flavor using the actual Noni fruit. After experimenting with several ingredients and mixture to make a unique Noni smoothie, I finally found something that tastes unique, satisfying, refreshing and delicious!
It came down to this being the best recipe with my experiment:
I used Cinnamon and Nutmeg to neutralize the original taste and smell of the Noni. I then mixed water and a little bit of Almond Milk (optional) to water down the Noni since the consistency tends to be so thick. I also added Honey, Ginger and Lemon to give it more flavor and last but not least, I add frozen Sour Sop to it, which is what really made it taste GREAT! The consistency and texture of Sour Sop is very similar to Noni. I also added a small banana to give it a sweet taste. Below you will find more details on my signature Noni Smoothie.
After I drank it, I felt different, uplifted, focused and alive! Almost like I was on a natural “high”. Noni has Polysaccharides in it, which directly impacts the brain function so this may explain the reason of my focus and empowerment after drinking Noni. I am now totally infused and amazed with Noni. I am very impressed how good it makes me feel.

The secret recipe:

3 raw & ripe Noni fruits
1 cup of water
1 cup of Almond Milk
1 cup of Sour Sop
1 tbsp of fresh Ginger
3 tbsp Cinnamon
3 tbsp Nutmeg
1 small Banana
1 tbsp Honey
1 Lemon
Mix all ingredients in a blender on low speed. When somewhat mixed, using a strainer to take out the Noni pits. Place smoothie back in blender and blend on high speed until ready.
Serve chilled.

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  1. Mirogelle Martha
    14 February, 2018

    When can we meet so we can do it together?

    1. olgajob
      14 February, 2018

      Dushi!! Anytime!!!

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