70+ days Raw Food Journey

🎈 Celebrated my BIG 4️⃣0️⃣ birthday honoring my body with more than 40+ days on RAW FOODS

70+ days to be exact!!

🥑 The outer body is just a reflection of the balance that really comes from within. 🧘🏽‍♀️ As I shared in my last posts and stories on social media, in the last 70+ days I went on an all raw food lifestyle to really test my body and feel the difference, especially to celebrate my milestone 40th birthday! Being 40 is the best I’ve ever felt in my life, feeling completely connected, even more present, next level humanism, with more true stable energy in all areas in my life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With little to no allergies, amazing digestion, deep sleeps, fitter, stronger, clearer in the mind, higher connections to intuition, and the list goes on! A natural and stable high without all the toxins.
📝 This is a results of detoxing for the last 5 years consistently but since April this year, I went on an all raw food lifestyle daily, to really feel the difference in my body and to TRULY HONOR my body for my 40th birthday! This consisted of eating only uncooked raw plant based foods including raw fruits, vegetables, a diversity of nut, seeds, smoothies, juices, sprouts (uncooked beans and legumes), roots, fresh herbs, superfoods, raw spices, seaweeds, unprocessed oils, fermented foods, dehydrated & freeze dried fruits. No processed foods, no processed sugars, no alcohol, no refined or processed carbohydates, no refined oils ect.


🍴 Raw plant based foodism combines the principles of veganism with food completely raw uncooked plant foods at temperatures below 104–115°F (40–46°C). Foods cooked above this temperature have lost most of their natural enzymes and thus a significant amount of their nutritional value. Therefore uncooked foods, on the other hand, provide living enzymes and better nutrition.
🌟 There are many benefits to eating raw foods, including added energy, clearer skin, better digestion, deeper and more restorative sleep, weight management and improved overall health.

💡 Did you know?


✅ Nutrients from fresh and unprocessed foods are absorbed better. Processed foods have little to no nutrients, or have lost most of their natural enzymes.


✅ When your body is clean, your body absorbs more nutrients, so this means automatically you’ll need LESS QUANTITY of food and MORE QUALITY instead. Especially when we give the body superfoods.

😇 Personal results:


✔️ Higher levels of stable vitamins and minerals in my blood labs 🧫 everything got better. This is how I was initially able to reduce my Cholesterol. 
✔️ Less noticeable Cellulite which has been a struggle for years and are now naturally reduced mainly because I cut off processed food and sugars. More skin is also tighter.
✔️ I’m working out less time at the gym, and more efficient. Instead of 5-6 times a week, I’m down to 3-4 times a week for 60 min. My body’s muscles build quicker and more efficient now, with less time working out.
✔️ Better odors in and outside my body. Cleaner perspiration and feces. Smoother digestions and bowel movements. Less gas and bloating!
✔️ More profound and deep sleeps. More intense dreams.
✔️Deeper meditations, more synchronicity and smoother manifestations.
✔️ Less cravings for bad food and more cravings for healthier foods.
✔️ Less inflammations, less allergies, less pains and aches in my body.
✔️ Stable energy throughout the day and better mood! Overall happier.


🍓 What has helped me?

1️⃣ Initially I started thinking what I can give my body, instead of what I can’t. By me saying yes, to the main goal being: to feel great. I switched my mind to “what do I want to feel” and matching the food that would give me that feeling. Switched my focus from lack to abundance.


2️⃣ The body always wants more of what you give it. The more I gave my body these kinds of food, with time, the more my body keeps wanting more of them. So start adding more and more fresh, raw, and organic foods.


3️⃣ Detox the body at least 4+ times a year and apply a stable healthy lifestyle in between. Detoxing helps us get rid off not only toxins 👩🏽‍🔬 but other intruders 🪱 that are keeping us from absorbing the nutrients we consume and deserve. To join one of our upcoming Motivational Detox Programs go to olgajob.com/programs
4️⃣ Use only highly quality supplements, herbs, and minerals, that are nutrient dense, reliable, clean, and truly 100% bioavailable to your body. It's important to use high quality herbs that has fully grown and harvested to its full maturity capacities and that haven't been affected with heavy metals and/or radiation! Check out our catalog of available high end quality products for purchase olgajob.com/products

📕 Do we have to be strict?

No, not always. But we do have to set personal boundaries certain times of year to allow devotion and dedication to our body. This will feel so true and living, that you’ll want to give it more and more. Then it starts becoming who you are. It’s always about abundance, remember? 

🌟 Other tips:

✅ Cleansing consistently inside out is like taking a daily shower
✅ Get professional support. We are here to help you to!
✅ Focus on progress, not perfection
✅ Less is more, more is less


👙 Sharing this blog is sharing what is happening inside ➡️ out, which makes the inside job more important than what’s outside!! 


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