Ennia Seminar Video- “Our Job Is To Believe”

Back in October, I was invited to participate as a guest speaker at Ennia’s “Prevent Now” health seminar in Curaçao where I had the honor to host my very own health workshop called, “Our job is to believe in ourselves, in our power and in our bodies”. It was such a successful event. My conference room was full, packed with people standing outside and even sitting on the floor to learn more about how to be healthy and happy even though the a/c broke down on us! I’m so blessed and honored that I have chosen this career path to help others reach their happiness and health goals.
In my new health program called Lifestyle Awakening, I help busy professionals to personalize a modern way to achieve a new holistic lifestyle by supporting and guiding them to focus on the mind-body connection.
Contact me if you are interested in a free consultation.

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