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Our job is to believe in ourselves, in our power and in our bodies!

Thank you so much for visiting my website. It’s an honor for me that you are here. I am delighted to share my story with you in hopes that it will encourage you to take control of your own health, happiness and life. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Olga Job, MBA, CHC, INHC, an internationally Integrative Natural Health Consultant, Certified Wellness & Business Consultant, Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, Integrative Nutritionist, Detox Specialist, Wellness Entrepreneur, and the founder of Naturaçao Wellness Shop & Oasis. I am proud to be the first- ever legally registered Health Lifestyle Coach at the Health Department (GMN) in Curaçao and also serve as a part-time teacher coach for upcoming coaches at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York (the largest nutrition school in the world), where I graduated. In my coaching practice, I use high mileage quantum physics coaching techniques to support my clients to reach their goals by helping them reconnect and change their mindset about their situation, and teach them new innovative & sustainable tools to reach and maintain their goals. I focus on the mind, body, food, relationship, spirit, business, and lifestyle, all holistically! With over 22+ years of experience living, traveling worldwide, I have contributed in over 50 countries. My holistic approach is rooted in nurturing the entire person — body, mind, and spirit. I believe that true health is a balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual well- being, and I craft individualized health plans to empower my clients on their health journeys. My expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, including herbal medicine, nutrition, spiritual practices, biomagnetic medicine, and holistic therapies. I have had the honor of working with a diverse clientele, ranging from Olympic athletes, medical professionals, to top executives at major corporations such as Google.
I firmly believe in the importance of preventive health and natural healing, and I am dedicated to educating and inspiring a broader audience as well as upcoming coaches in these areas. As part of my commitment to holistic health and wellness, I actively participate in various professional associations and contribute significantly to the dialogue on holistic health and wellness globally. I have been recognized as one of the top 250 influencers in Curaçao and awarded the prestigious BYDK (Bon Yu di Kòrsou) badge. In addition to personal consultations, I offer a range of programs, including the "Lifestyle Awakening Program, Master Mind Programs, Exclusive Inner Circle Membership, and the Motivational Detox Program." These programs have helped hundreds of individuals achieve health, happiness, and personal growth. I am also the founder of Naturaçao Wellness Shop & Oasis, where I further promote holistic wellness products & supplements and provide a dedicated space for individuals to embark on their health and wellness journeys. I am passionate about making a positive impact on the natural & preventive health and wellness sector.
I was born and raised in Curaçao (a Dutch island in the Caribbean). At a very young age, I started struggling with my weight, sugar addiction, depression and other serious health & emotional issues. I was diagnosed with health issues in my early adult life and also suffered from migraines & stomach problems. My grandfather Angel Job, a well-known entertainer back in the 80’s passed away due to obesity at 60 years weighing a whopping 365 lbs.
Since young, I knew that obesity was an issue in my family. I also suffered with obesity at a very young age and struggled with my weight for over 20 years, gaining and losing weight constantly and dramatically by trying different diets and none of them worked. I dealt with self-induced negative emotions like feeling empty, sad and worthless for no reason. I was bullied in school and started to build issues with extreme low self-esteem and insecurities, which affected other areas in my life such as in my relationships, career, spirituality and personal life. I did not understand why I could not be happy and healthy with everything I did to help myself feel better.
After struggling for so many years, I realized that there is more than just losing weight by dieting and working out to look good. It took me to look beyond that and heal certain areas in my life such as accepting myself, forgiving those who hurt me, loving myself and believing in myself, again. That’s when I realized that I had to let go, forgive and start adding VALUE in my life. I started adding value in the food choices I made, value in those that were around me, value in my thoughts, value in my emotions, value in my physical activities, value in EVERYTHING and that’s when I was able to maintain not just my weight but I also accomplished true happiness, reached my dreams, desires, goals.
I developed a system that helped me to experience self healing through the body, mind and spirit connection.
Today, I share my formula with the world.
I did it and I want to help you!
At a very young age, I moved to the United States to further my career in Business and in Health.
I graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA), with honors Cumlaude, from Florida International University with a double mayor in Management and International Business. I also earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), also graduated with honors Cumlaude, from NOVA Southeastern University specialized in Management. Furthermore, I acquired my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification (INHC), Certified Health Coach (CHC) from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world based in New York City, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods and business strategies. Where I also partially work for as a coach-teacher for upcoming coaches.
My past work experiences both in Corporate America as a Leader & a Corporate Wellness Ambassador as well as in Entrepreneurship has given me the tools to work with entrepreneurs and companies around the world. Besides coaching clients one-on-one, I also work as a Corporate Wellness Consultant with corporations and companies both in the US and overseas to help companies boost employee moral, satisfaction, increase productivity, and decrease absenteeism.
I have worked with companies in the United States, Europe, South America, Caribbean, Asia and Internationally. I create personalized strategies and action plans based on my client’s personal goals or for corporations to help them move toward their ideal vision of health for their own unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and workplace.
I work with busy professionals and entrepreneurs to guide and support them to live a healthier and happier life by focusing on the mind, body and soul as a whole to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support my client’s individual needs and help them to develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices to implement lasting changes that improves energy, balance and overall wellness.
Besides food, I help my clients find balance and assists them to manage other areas in their lives that affects their overall health such as balancing their personal lives, managing a fulfilling career, incorporating regular physical activity, and nourishing their personal spiritual practices and increasing awareness which are all essential forms of nourishment. 



Believe in yourself!

It’s rare for anyone to take time to explore their wellness goals with a trained professional. As a Wellness & Business Coach, I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your goals. Throughout my education, I have been exposed to the most cutting-edge dietary theories and studied highly effective coaching techniques to help you find the right lifestyle that works best for you.

As a coach, I put the power back in your hands.

Most approaches to healthy eating dwell on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to explore basic improvements and implement gradual changes during our work together. As these pieces accumulate, my clients find the changes collectively create a much larger impact than they originally expected. We work on what you want to improve, and within the circumstances of your unique situation.
I studied with the world’s top health and wellness experts including:
  • Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd, founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • David Wolfe (personal mentor), recognized Influencer & Expert, Holistic Nutritionist and Bestselling Author on Superfoods and Raw Nutrition
  • Deepak Chopra, MD World Leader in Mind-Body Medicine, Director of Education at The Chopra Center, Bestselling Author
  • Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD Cardiothorasic Surgeon, best-selling author, and star of the Dr. Oz Show
  • David Katz, MD, MPH, Authority on Preventive Medicine and Weight Management, Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center
  • Walter Willett, MD, DrPH, Chair of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard’s School of Public Health and Bestselling Author
  • Andrew Weil, MD, Bestselling Author and Expert on Integrative Medicine and Mind-Body Interactions
  • Gabrielle Bernstein, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Bestselling Author
  • Susan Blum, MD, MPH, Functional Medicine Doctor, Founder of Blum Center for Health
  • Mark Hyman, MD, Founder and Medical Director of The UltraWellness Center, Bestselling Author
  • Geneen Roth, Pioneer of Emotional Eating and Empowerment, Bestselling Author
  • Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University
  • Mark Bittman, New York Times Columnist, Bestselling Author

Olga Job is an incredible student of health and that’s why she’s an exceptional teacher of health. She not only listens but she immediately applies what she has learned to her life. And with impressive results! I have seen her transform her life and body right before my eyes. Olga is The Best Ever.

— David Wolfe
Public Figure, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Activist, Organic Farmer,
My education has equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention. Drawing on my expertise, I work with clients like you to help make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. You will develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you, improving your energy, balance, health, and happiness.
Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. As your certified Wellness & Business Coach, we will talk about things beyond food, seeking to bring balance to important elements of your life such as love and relationship as well as career and money. I will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life.

In my coaching practice, I use high mileage quantum physics coaching techniques to support the client to reach their goals by helping them reconnect and change their mindset about their situation, and teach them new innovative & sustainable tools to reach and maintain their goals. I focus on the mind, body, food, relationship, spirit, business, and lifestyle.

Traveling the World and Living Abroad

As a Social Entrepreneur, I use technology to work online while traveling the world and living
abroad to discover Wellness, Business, Culture and Mindfulness.
I've studied, traveled and lived for the last 20 years in America, Europe and Asia.
I lived in Miami & South Florida, USA for 16 years and traveled to many US states for my previous Corporate role.
Since quitting my Corporate role in 2016, I've lived in almost 20 countries in Europe, and in 11 countries, 52 cities, 74 islands while on a backpacking solo expedition in Asia for half a year.
The experience of living and connecting with so many cultures in such a long period of time has helped me develop my understanding and skills to work with a diverse set of different mindsets and cultures giving me the
necessary experience and higher power to work and help others in the areas of Health, Wellness, Entrepreneurship and Mindfulness.
As a certified coach, I have combined both my Wellness & Business experiences working for Corporate America for almost 10 years in Leadership as well as my experience in Entrepreneurship and Digital Nomad Lifestyle to not only create my own dream career and travel the world but to help others do the same.

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