Bring Healthy Awareness to a Holistic Lifestyle



In this fun interactive webinar, we will be going over 3 elements to living a holistic lifestyle with 3 professionals in the area of health & wellness, spirituality, and financial abundance. Learn how to bring both spiritual and physiological wellness into taking action for your year goals!


In this webinar, we will discuss:


Financial Health with Isis Love

It is very important to unlearn the unhealthy habits around money and relearn the truth. When you elevate your relationship with money, you become financially attractive, so that you can bring your desires and wishes towards you. Isis will help you reprogram your subconscious mind so you can start having a better relationship with money and with yourself with affirmations and auto suggestions because the mind loves consistency and repetition.


Detoxing and Integrative Nutrition with Olga Job

It is important to understand why and how we can cleanse the body and mind inside out. We will focus on adding value, creating a new mindset, and strategizing a fun and easy lifestyle. One where you feel heard, included, supported, and celebrated. One where you have the information, motivation and inspiration needed to help you understand but also thrive and create a sustainable lifestyle that you can maintain. Learn how you can have the power to control not just your relationship to food, but also your thoughts about yourself and your own body.


Abundance in mind, body and money with Lu Jimenez

You will realize the ability you have to create abundance when you work in balance with your mind and body to better understand the relationship you have around money. We will reprogram the limiting beliefs that you have around money and yourself through a journaling exercise. Then we will release the tensions that these beliefs create through a movement sequence with the body and we will implant this new reality in your subconscious mind through mindfulness techniques so that you feel abundant and clear towards achieving the goals you have in your life.


* Meet your Financial Abundance Coach:

Isis Love is a coach and financial wellness consultant empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to take actions rooted in self-love to illicit a lasting metamorphosis in every life area. Encouraging people to trust their intuition, monetize their education, and diversify their life experiences to embrace their deepest desires and honor their truth. Read more about her:


* Meet your Wellness Coach, Holistic Integrative Nutritionist, and Detox Specialist:

Olga Job is a certified holistic health & wellness coach, integrative nutritionist, detox specialist, and an international speaker. She will inspire and teach you innovative concepts of nutrition and holistic health, so you can connect deeper with yourself by eating cleaner, detoxing, have more balance, by adding value through living foods, superfoods, plant medicines and much more. Read more about her:


* Meet your Wellness and Abundance Coach:

Lu Jimenez is an abundance coach, certified yoga, and meditation instructor. She will teach you how to perceive and create abundance in your life while working on your body through movement, creating connection in your mind trough meditation and setting your goals clear around your perspective of money. Read more about her:


Event details:


Saturday, January 29th, 2022

10 am – 12 am EST  

11 am – 1:00 pm AST 

17:00 – 19:00 CET


Price: $49 USD

Via Zoom (link will be given after purchased)


Time zones:

EST = Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) = Riviera Maya region, Mexico / Eastern USA / Canada

AST = Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4) = Curaçao / Bonaire / Aruba / Caribbean

CET = Central European Time (GMT+1) = Netherlands / Belgium


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