On September 18th, 2018, JCI IOBA Curaçao is pleased to invite you to yet another interesting and impactful fundraising event titled “Revolutionizing Economic Growth: Curaçao the Ultimate Digital Nomad’s Destination”, sponsored by BANCO DI CARIBE, UNIVERSITY OF CURACAO, CINEX, CHATA AND BLEND. The aim of this fundraising is to collect funds for the organization and at the same time sustainably enhance awareness on a growing phenomenon called “Digital Nomad” by providing new perspectives on various methods to boost the economy of Curaçao, by strategically making use of them as one of the sources that are able to invest in our community.
Knowing that digital nomadism is gaining popularity around the world and also that the number of digital nomads is increasing rapidly, there is an opportunity for Curaçao in general, but certainly in the area of tourism and for the businesses in this sector to benefit from this development. To accomplish this, JCI IOBA Curaçao is organizing a community screening event, where the documentary ‘One Way Ticket: The Rise of the Digital Nomad’, will be shown. This will be followed by an exciting group of panelists, among which actual Digital Nomads, our Prime Minister, the Minister of Economic Development, a representative of the University of Curaçao and two business consultants, who will discuss various topics such as how to make our island attractive for this new type of tourism, what is needed from the government and how businesses on this island can also benefit from this new hype.
This event will ultimately enable all attendees to engage in a fruitful discussion about how to revolutionize the economy of Curaçao in a structured manner. Unlike a traditional documentary screening, this inspiring experience will provide a healthy discussion to get others’ perspectives and opinions. These perspectives and opinions will all be noted to function as the basis for future developments on this matter to benefit Curaçao in general, and also to be able to apply all the gathered information for next year’s edition of “Revolutionizing economic growth: Curacao the ultimate Digital Nomad’s destination”.

Olga will be joining this event online to talk about her Nomad digital & online business lifestyle.

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