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Some experiences of the event are: 
✅ DAY 2 – Tue, Sept 5. HUMAN MINDSET IN TIMES OF TECHNOLOGY at CENTRAL BANK – (18:30 to 20:30)
✅ DAY 3 – Wed, Sept 6. TECH BUSINESSES MADE IN CURAÇAO at CENTRAL BANK – (18:30 to 20:30)
✅ DAY 4 – Thu, Sept 7. DEEP TECH NIGHT, BEAUTY AND THE NERDS at CENTRAL BANK – (18:30 to 20:30)
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Olga’s Presentation Title: ‘The Technology that Lives Within.’

Presentation Date: Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 at 18:30 – 20:30

“Our biggest most precious technology starts from within. Mindfulness in combination with food, fasting, herbalism, and bioelectric medicine can assist to make bigger impacts that relates the human body to its ‘inner technology’. The mind is the ‘software’ of the brain, and the brain sends signals to your body and also towards your personal magnetic field to re-act. When you understand the tools that are available to you to help you expand this field, you can connect and build this powerful engine, to create in more abundance, and alignment. Come learn practical tools that are useful to help you get in touch with your inner most precious technology. In Olga’s presentation, you will learn about the importance of these concepts, the tools available to you, and also experience a ‘live’ practice that will help you understand yourself better.”

Be part of diverse events and workshops to empower you! 🤩 Activities include educational sessions, networking events and hands-on workshops, catering to various tech literacy levels.
Curaçao Tech Meetups is Enabling Magic for Everyone. Reserve your ticket today and get ready to take flight into the future!
The main topics and experiences of the event are:
✅Interconnected Dutch Caribbean
✅Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship
✅Females in Technology Boulevard
✅Carnival as an Economical Business and Management Model
✅Fashion Show,
✅Culinary Innovations
✅Fun. Socials. Networking
✅Kids Tech, Schools and Education
✅Tech Bo Skol
✅Deep Tech: AI, Computer Programming, Robotization, Cloud Computing, & Algorithms ✅Clinics & Masterclasses
✅Business Villa Sessions
✅Future of Aviation
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