Detox Results – January 2021

Even though gyms have been closed here since October 2020,

The Motivational Detox Program

with about 3x a week home workouts, and
frequent forest walks has helped me stay fit!
In our last January Group Detox Program, we had over 30+ people with 95% results! Losing anywhere between 3-15 kilos (6.6 - 33 lbs) in just about 14 days depending on each person’s body and personal commitment to the program.
We’ve received many new testimonials, and so many great feedback! Check out the new testimonials on our website!
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Our monthly Motivational Group Detox Programs is an innovative online platform where we strategize together about food, herbalism, wellness, emotional health, relationship to yourself, superfood, superherbs, superflowers, supplements and by learning how to reduce allergies, inflammation, mood swings, emotional blockages, lack of focus, bloating, tiredness, snacking, binge eating, emotional eating, and much more even if you don’t want to lose more weight!

 If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone.

If You Want to Go Far, Go Together!

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🌹 Love yourself first and give yourself the Valentine’s Day Gift of cleansing inside out! You are not alone!
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