My Detox Journey

Throughout the year we eat junk, processed food, we put in chemicals, we inhale pollution and we don’t really get to cleanse the body. We don’t even get to cleanse our spirit and souls from negative thoughts, stress and negative energies. 
It’s important that a few times a year we complete a detox regime that can help us be healthier and happier. 
Throughout history, we’ve heard about fasting and the health benefits it provides the body, mind and soul. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. 
I’ve had my own journey of health in the past 15 years. I’ve struggled with many health issues and nothing really seemed to help. Until I’ve switched to a fully plant based lifestyle, natural earth derived products, herbal medicine, and spiritual awakening. This is when I’ve been able to find self healing within my own life.

As an integrative holistic nutritionist, certified health coach, and wellness consultant, I’ve continued to use my body as an element for healing. To continue to experiment with food, and lifestyle. To lead by example. To be a better person, a better wellness coach, and to give back to my own body.

With some of my mentors and nutritional colleagues we’ve started completing two big detoxes per year that lasts about 3 weeks  + 1-2 weeks of steady recuperation. The entire detox is fully plant-based vegan, organic, processed-free food, alcohol free, smoke free, coffee free, and stimulants free.
In September 2020, my 2nd annual detox was scheduled. I’ve just ended a vacation in Curaçao and my body had a lot of inflammation from all the vacation comfort food I’ve had. I also gained some weight during the lockdown like many others, was feeling tired, lack of energy, heavy, and not really at my optimal level. 
Week 1 was one solid meal per day with liquids throughout the day.
Week 2 was only liquids like soup, smoothies, fresh homemade juices.
Optional for advanced students only: Week 3 was a full blown water fast for 7 days consuming only water (spring water) with Himalayan or good quality sea salt (with certain supplements) - this was an advanced detox.



As I start week 1, it was somewhat difficult, as I already knew what to expect since this wasn't my first advanced detox. I still had to get used to eating less as my body was still heavily craving junk and fried food from my vacation. My body needed time to adjust.
One meal a day was chosen at any moment of the day. I chose to eat around 16:00 when I felt the most hunger. I also chose to do long periods of time without eating to allow for better intermittent fasting time between meals. I chose mostly raw plant-based meals like salads, quinoa, kelp and zucchini noodles, avocados etc. It was a combination of naturally gluten free high protein grains and veggies like quinoa, mushrooms and avocados. But this can always vary. In my Motivational Detox program you can combine many different meals depending on what you like. It’s a good balance between plant protein, veggies and fruits.
The first three to five days were the most important, because that’s where we deal with a lot of resistance from the body as the chemicals are still in the process of being eliminated. Here is where a lot of people give up. But the first days are the most important days. This is were discipline is challenged and needs to be applied.

I understand this stage can be very difficult for a lot of people!


This is why receiving a personal support is highly important and this is where a specialized coach is extremely helpful. It helps you figure out why there might still be resistance, help you change your mindset and perceptions about it, and help you take the necessary steps to get through it. 

Together we focus on connecting the body with the mind, practicing mindful discipline (for example to avoid snacking whenever to body wants), cleansing the colon, taking natural supplements & herbal teas that helps the body to eliminate the toxins, helps it to cleanse and detoxifies it. 


The key is to start a detox slow, and with a professional support to back you up. Building down the calories and amount of food little by little. It’s not smart to start a water fast right after a regular food pattern. It’s important to build down the calories day by day and allow the body to detox from chemicals and pollution little by little. 
Did you know: The body uses almost 70% of energy in the digestion of food? When we give the digestive system a break, the body can then transfer this energy completely to healing the body. This is why we’ve heard numerous cases of people healing when they’ve fasted. Think about it, when our bodies are sick, all we want is to rest and not eat much. This is the automatic response of the body when it needs the energy for healing. By doing big annuals detoxes, we are able to give the body this energy it needs for intentional healing of anything going on in the body. This allows for a higher immune system, more energy, more focus, decrease in aging, faster overall healing, deeper spiritual connection, and much more! 
I felt immediate relief in my allergic reactions, my bowel movement, my energy levels, my sleeping patterns, my stomach pain/gases, my facial skin, my hair, my nails, and even no cramps during my monthly moon cycle. All the minor pains I’ve had were gone by week 2 of the detox.

Plus it allowed me to lose 10 kilos (22 lbs) in just 3 weeks.

Here is where a coach is helpful!

Losing weight while detoxing is a bonus, but it shouldn't be the main reason the detox should be done. When weight loss is seen as a result rather than a goal, it has less resistance to actually come off your body, quickly and easily. It will then come off easily when you focus your intention on overall physical and mental healing. When the intentions of cleansing is your main priority, weight loss is a bonus. When we heal the way we think about food, consumption, we'll be able to win. Nevertheless, if we only focus on doing this detox for weight loss purposes, we will always gain back the weight after any detox. Therefore setting clear and attainable health goals before and during a detox is crucial with a help of a coach and a tribe!
Lessons learned during this last detox for me was that I’ve realized I reach out for food when I’m stressed, bored, and ‘un-entertained’. I’ve also realized that sitting through this autumn season with the change in weather makes me crave unusually for warmer comfort junk food; this is an example of how we can mentally switch our focus on other things than just food to prevent unnecessary seasonal weight gain, and unhealthy habits. I’ve had to learn to keep myself occupied during this detox by focusing on other things than just food or cooking for fulfillment. Things like meditation, art, music, yoga, gardening, reading, studying, connecting to nature have all played a major role in this detoxing journey. 
Another main reason why people feel they can’t do a detox is because the body usually reacts when it’s not getting any food. This was my case as well, until I’ve learned that it’s the residue of the chemicals of the foods I’ve been eating is what was causing the drop in blood sugar levels, causing some dizziness, and headaches in the beginning of my detox. This got way better after a few days, as my body was cleaner. The body always wants more of what you give it. So if you’ve been giving the body food that are not really optimal for the body, it will keep craving it. Once the body is starting the be cleaner, it will eventually crave less bad, and more good stuff.
Here is where herbal supplements, that helps the body to detox comes in place. Medicinal mushrooms like Chaga, or things like Iodine for eliminated toxins like chloride, fluoride and bromine from the body. Activated charcoal, and herbal teas comes to play. Things like Silver Immune that can help the immune increase while your body is cleansing and much more! 
At my level, the detox I’ve completed is considered a high level advance cleansing detox but as I continue to raise my body’s potential, the more I will continue to challenge my body as a holistic health consultant. Not everyone is yet at my level, and therefore I share my 2 weeks motivational detox program which is an introduction for anyone interested in detoxing their bodies.

I've been offering the motivational detox program for a while now for those curious and interested in doing a simple detox while getting the appropriate one-on-one support, professional guidance, knowledge.

The Motivational Detox program is aimed to motivate you through a simple process, provide personal one-on-one private coaching sessions to help you custom design your meals, provide helpful recipes, teach you how you can combine meals, learn about herbalism and supplements, help you reach your health goals, change your mindset, provide discipline - mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Detoxing your body is able to just reset. Your skin will look younger, your body will function better!
It’s good to have a support system where you can ask questions when you feel something is off or you have an emotion or you’re having issues while being on the detox. For your specific cleanse and body. 
(Ask about advance detoxing if you are up for the challenge)!
Written by Olga Job 
October 13th, 2020

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